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The September 2023 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

A Brief History of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing of Electronic Products
By Daniel D. Hoolihan
This updated version of an article originally published in the March 2014 issue provides details on recent and current developments in the ESD testing of electronic products.

Automotive High-Speed Interfaces: Future Challenges for System-Level HV ESD Protection and First-Time-Right Design

By Sergej Bub, Markus Mergens, Andreas Hardock, Steffen Holland, and Ayk Hilbrink
This paper describes future design challenges of discrete system-level ESD protection (high-voltage, low-capacitance) of automotive high-speed data links such as multi-gigabit ETHERNET and SERDES/video-links. A special focus is put on an in-depth analysis and accurate modeling of the complex ESD behavior of the Common Mode Choke (CMC).

(Re)Discovering the Lost Science of Near-Field Measurements, Part 3

By Ken Javor
This article is the third in a series commemorating 70 years since the advent of modern EMI testing. But this last article is itself divided into multiple parts, due to the topic’s complexity. Unlike the previous two articles, which mainly tracked evolution and explained issues, this series of installments argues that we started off correctly seventy years ago, but then took the wrong fork in the road in 1967.


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