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The October 2023 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

GaN/SiC Transistors for Your Next Design: Fight or Flight?
By Dr. Min Zhang
This article offers some useful insights and guidelines on how to effectively design and test systems using wide band gap devices to optimize product performance and achieve EMC compliance.

Local PCB Layout Tweaks for Improved Signal Integrity When Using ESD Protection Devices

By Andreas Hardock and Martin Pilaski
This article describes a practical way to improve signal integrity of typical interfaces on the PCB when using external ESD devices.

Is Wireless Measurement of Human Body Voltage Possible?

By Jonathan Tapson and Daan Stevenson
In this article, we describe how wireless measurements of human body voltage can be made, and why they are important for ESD managers.

(Re)Discovering the Lost Science of Near-Field Measurements, Part 4

By Ken Javor
This is the fourth and final article in our series commemorating 70 years since the advent of modern EMC testing. This last installment discusses the theoretical misunderstandings that arise from the substitution of field intensity for antenna-induced concepts and illustrates the practical outcomes from these theoretical mistakes.


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