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The October issue of In Compliance concentrates on Components and Materials, plus the Product Resource Guide.

Capacitors: Theory and Application
By Min Zhang
This article presents the fundamentals and application of capacitors. What is a capacitor, and how do we select them? Techniques of selecting capacitors and things to consider when using capacitors are highlighted. Both practical examples and simulation are used to demonstrate the key points.

Ohm’s Law Also Applies to ESD‑Induced Heat Pulses
By Timothy J. Maloney
Heat flow analysis for semiconductor ESD situations can be approximated to one dimension, and then captured with a generalized Ohm’s Law using a complex impedance. Methods can include time-dependent electrothermal pulses and feedback due to self-heating, with solutions readily carried out on any desktop computer.

Archaeology and XRF

By Richard Freeland
Telling the stories of smiths and kings in the same breath is all in a day’s work for an XRF gun.

Product Resource Guide
Whether you’re simply looking to replace an old piece of equipment or are fully outfitting a brand-new lab, the Product Resource Guide is here to help. The Product Resource Guide highlights nine product categories, offering guidance on the use of these products and tips on how to choose the right product or service for your applications.

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