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The November 2022 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Signal and Power Integrity.

Energy Release Quantification for Li‑Ion Battery Failures
By Francesco Colella, Sergio Mendoza, Michael Barry, Artyom Kossolapov, Ryan Spray, and Timothy Myers
The growing application of lithium-ion batteries brings with it an increased risk of unanticipated energy releases and thermal runaway. Quantifying battery energy release characteristics during product design can help mitigate those risks.

Tailoring Safety Into Audio Frequency Power-Line Susceptibility Testing

By Ken Javor
Solar Electronics founder Al Parker used to say about EMI testing, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Here are a couple more.

South Korea KS C 9814-1:2022 Standard

By Grace Lin
This article addresses the latest changes to the KS C 9814-1 (and CISPR 14-1) standard.

Health Monitoring and Prediction of Cells in a Battery Module or Pack Under Operating Condition

By Benjamin Chen
The state of health of cells in a battery pack under operating condition is difficult to obtain through existing IEC and ISO standard methods under laboratory conditions. However, a cell state of health (SOH) profile shall be able to establish by the comparison of electro-impedance spectroscopy (EIS) generated statically versus dynamic operating data retrieved by battery management system (BMS) communication interface as fragments of EIS.

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