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The November issue of In Compliance concentrates on Emerging Technologies.

Assessing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in Vehicles
By Ralph Buckingham
As they become more commonplace in today’s motor vehicles, advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) require a unique set of testing procedures that include repeatability of the trigger mechanism in a safe, controlled environment to accurately measure their effectiveness.

Simulation-Based Testing for Early Safety Validation of Robot Systems
By Tom P. Huck, Christoph Ledermann, and Torsten Kröger
Industrial human-robot collaborative systems must be validated thoroughly with regard to safety. Due to the complexity of robot systems, safety flaws often stay hidden, especially at early design stages, when a physical implementation is not yet available for testing. Simulation-based testing is a possible way to identify hazards in an early stage.

Expected Service Life of Medical Electrical Equipment

By Steli Loznen
The definition of “expected service life” included in IEC 60601-1 standard potentially generates confusion and misinterpretation. This article provides an analysis of the “real-life” implications of this definition and proposes some clarifications.

Foreseeability: A Critical Analysis in Minimizing Pre-Sale and Post‑Sale Liability

By Kenneth Ross
This article will discuss the law of misuse and some ways in which manufacturers can practically perform a risk assessment, including an analysis of product misuse.

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