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Protecting Industry from HEMP and IEMI: Protection from high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) and intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) is an important consideration to the design of modern electronic systems, especially those that control critical infrastructures (power, communications, financial systems, water delivery, etc.). In this important article, Dr. William Radasky sheds light on the history of this important work and industry efforts to protect and test electronic equipment and systems for susceptibility.

New Lightning Hazards to Consider for Aircraft Certification: The evolution of E and H fields on aircraft struck by lightning is a complex process. An October 2014 in-flight lightning strike is reviewed in this article as an example that inspires a fresh look at how lightning E and H fields should be considered for indirect effects certification.

A Discussion on Low-Cost Printed Circuit Board Design: Low-cost designs are often an underserved and challenging part of a layout engineer’s career and getting increasingly complicated. This article helps the reader to pay attention to the fundamentals and ensure the integrity of the return path to produce a low-cost, worry free design.



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Protecting Industry from HEMP and IEMI

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New Lightning Hazards to Consider for Aircraft Certification

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