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The May 2022 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Product Safety Compliance.

Product Regulatory Compliance: Definition, Scope, Importance, and Impact
By Thomas Killam and Cyril Mecwan
Product regulatory compliance is a formal discipline that addresses every aspect of the product lifecycle, helping to ensure global acceptance of new and innovative technologies that are environmentally sound and safe to use.

High-Integrity Components in Electrical Equipment, Part 1

By Steli Loznen
While the selection of components in electrical equipment plays a crucial role, a sound understanding of the characteristics of safety-critical and high-integrity components can provide valuable information about the ways to advance and achieve the safety goals.

Safety Programs and CPSC Mandates

By Kenneth Ross
Safety management programs are necessary to help a company make safe products and monitor safety for products in use. The CPSC has provided lots of guidances and mandates over the years on what constitutes an adequate program. These guidances are potentially useful to those companies seeking to establish a CPSC-compliant safety program and should be considered as part of the program development process.

Contact Burn Injuries, Part II: The Influence of Object Shape, Size, Contact Resistance, and Applied Heat Flux

By May Yen, Francesco Colella, Harri Kytomaa, Boyd Allin, and Alex Ockfen
This is the second of a two-part series that discusses a numerical methodology that relies on the concept of cumulative equivalent exposure to evaluate contact burn injury thresholds.

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