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The June 2023 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Military, Aeronautics, and Space.

An Overview of Aerospace Battery Compliance
By John C. Copeland
The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has published requirements that require testing for all battery devices that are a part of the aircraft itself. This testing is heavily based on standards published by RTCA and includes primary and secondary lithium, nickel, and sealed lead chemistries.

Line Impedance Stabilization is in its Seventieth Year and Still Going Strong

By Ken Javor
The second in a series of articles commemorating the 70th anniversary of the inception of modern EMI requirements and test methods

Inductors and Ferrites for Use in EMC

By Patrick G. André
Magnetic materials used in inductors and filters have specific functions and purposes. However, knowing which to choose can be confusing.

Recognized Components and Ethical Compliance Obligations

By James L. Bender, P.E.
This paper provides an overview of the importance of ethical obligations to help ensure end-product safety and its certifications effectively address and satisfy component-level application considerations. These are known as “Conditions of Acceptability” for most North American certification reports and “Application Considerations” for most European Union certification authority reports.


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