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The June issue of In Compliance concentrates on Military and Aerospace.

Protection of High Voltage Power Substation Control Electronics from HEMP and IEMI
An Approach Using EMC Standards
By Dr. William A. Radasky
This article discusses techniques for assessing the effectiveness of existing shielding and penetration protection in power substations against early-time, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (E1 HEMP) and intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI).

Lightning and RF Electrical Bonding
By Ken Javor
Everything you need to know about the lightning and radio frequency bonding requirements in military and aerospace standards (and nothing you don’t!)

SCIF and Radio Frequency Secured Facility Design

By Joel Kellogg
Secure facility designs often comingle ICS/ICD-705 and NSA 94-106 design requirements, creating project confusion with significant design and cost implications. This article focuses on bringing some clarity to the differences between ICS/ICD-705 design guidance and NSA 94-106 performance requirements. The related secure facility design and construction process is also reviewed.

Avoiding Supply Chain Disruptions of Safety-Critical Recognized Components
By Jim Bender
End-product manufacturers can help protect against supply chain disruptions that impact the availability of listed or recognized components by proactively identifying suppliers who can provide substitute components that conform with their listing requirements.

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