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The July issue of In Compliance concentrates on EMC Compliance.

Will 4% Steps Find Radiated Susceptibilities?
By David Arnett and Edward Blankenship
CISPR Publications 24 and 35 allow radiated and conducted immunity tests to be performed using I% or 4% steps. This article looks at measured radiated immunity test data to determine the typical shapes of radiated susceptibilities for multimedia equipment. The authors consider what those shapes tell us about the validity of the 4% step method.

Troubleshooting EMC Problems Like an MD
By Daryl Gerke, PE
This article describes three troubleshooting methodologies doctors use to diagnose (troubleshoot) medical problems. These same techniques have proven useful in my own EMC consulting practice.

The American National Standards Committee on EMC - C63®

By Daniel D. Hoolihan
This article describes the activities of the C63 Committee on EMC over the last two years. It summarizes how the Committee has been remotely meeting and reports on the progress the Committee has made on its active EMC standards.

Exporting Radio Equipment to Saudi Arabia: A Look at the Law
By Alex Martin
This article discusses the legislation that applies when placing radio equipment on the Saudi market. For product manufacturers intent on exporting radio equipment to Saudi Arabia, the fact that the relevant legislation was adopted at the national level is significant. The article gives an overview of the Saudi legal framework, including obligations falling upon radio equipment manufacturers and importers.

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