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JJiexiong Yan, John Dawson and Andy Marvin examine how to predict the internal electromagnetic field of a populated enclosure by using the diffusion model and compare them with the fields obtained by the power balance method, a full-wave electromagnetic solver and measurements, to demonstrate its efficacy.

Nicholas Abbondante discusses, in detail, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adoption of new rules to streamline the equipment authorization process that went into effect in late 2018.

Daryl Gerke provides insights and recommendations for those considering a career in consulting. Including, tips for building your client list, establishing your rate, focusing in on an area of expertise, and how to get started.

Leo Eisner reviews the history of why the EU MDR came into existence, identifies critical dates to be aware of, describes significant changes, and details key steps that device manufacturers should take to implement the provisions of the MDR.

Plus, don’t miss our regular columns: EMC Concepts Explained, EMI/EMC/SI/RF Practical Tips, Hot Topics in ESD, On Your Mark, and Banana Skins.

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Estimating Reverberant Electromagnetic Fields in Populated Enclosures by Using the Diffusion Model

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FCC Approval Process

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So You Want To Be a Consultant?

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The EU’s Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 – Are You Ready for Huge Sweeping Changes?

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Compliance News

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EMC Concepts Explained
EMC Units in Measurements and Testing

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Practical Tips
Input-Output Feedback in Filters

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Hot Topics in ESD
Garment Testing

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On Your Mark 
Using Supplementary Safety Symbols

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Banana Skins 
Reports and anecdotes from Engineers

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