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The January 2022 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Engineering Career Management.

Continuing Your Professional Education in 2022
By the In Compliance Staff
Traditionally, the start of a new year is a time when we reflect on the progress we’ve made during the year passed and set our goals for the new year. We’ve queried training resources in our industry to provide you with an overview of free or affordable solutions to meet your training goals in 2022.

Failures Caused by Ground Potential Rise (GPR) at Interconnected Houses
By Albert R. Martin
Much has been written about failures due to ground potential rise (GPR), generally in connection with single houses with multiple grounds. But in cases where multiple houses are interconnected via a single piece of equipment, equipment failures could be caused by insulation issues due to GPR attributable to lightning.

Navigating the “Safety Hierarchy”

By Kenneth Ross
The safety hierarchy is a flexible concept that can be helpful in deciding on a final product design. But it can also be a trap for the unwary design engineer. This article will discuss the safety hierarchy concept, how do you comply with its requirements, and what are the problems associated with it?

A Recipe for Success: How to Grow from EMC Novice to EMC Expert

By Daryl Gerke, PE
For engineers new to the field of EMC, the road can look very steep indeed. But, with a plan (and some work!), you can grow from EMC novice to EMC expert.

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