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The February 2024 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Electronic Warfare and Cyber Defense of Satellites
By Jeff Viel
With the increasing sophistication of electronic warfare and cyberattacks, it is critical to develop and implement effective cyber defense strategies to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of satellite systems. This article will explore the various test methods and techniques that will be used to protect satellites from electronic warfare and cyberattacks.

Energy-Related Products and Resource Efficiency Requirements

By Alex Martin
This article reflects on the recent drafting of a European circular product standard, the publication of EN4555X material efficiency standards, and some specific international and national standards. This standardization activity is spearheading thinking on resource efficiency, and the requirements of these standards could soon find their way into future EU ecodesign laws.

Electric Shock Stimulation for Complex Leakage Current Waveforms

By Hai Jiang and Paul Brazis
Leakage or touch current tests for electrical shock protection is mandated by safety standards in the process of issuing a safety certification for various electrical products. In this article, electrical shock sensation experiments were conducted for a complex waveform composed of a combination of 60 Hz and a higher frequency sinusoidal signal.

Creating an Effective and Defensible Product Recall

By Kenneth Ross
Recalls can create huge problems for manufacturers and product sellers. They can generate new product liability lawsuits that are harder to defend, involve a significant financial cost to implement, and create reputational problems with consumers and retailers. Manufacturers must carefully design a recall or other corrective action that is as effective as possible and adequate under the circumstances. Various government entities are issuing new requirements that can help with these efforts.


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