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The February 2022 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Power Electronics.

Power Savings for Cellular IoT Devices
By Yong Shi
This article offers details on some of the major power-saving measures for LTE-based CIoT implementations currently recommended by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

RF Field Probes: Specifications and Design Characteristics
By Pat Dayton
RF field probes are specialized measuring instruments with unique specifications and performance characteristics. This article details the main factors to consider in selecting a probe appropriate to your testing needs.

Conducted Emissions Feedback from VSD-Operated Products

By Henry W. Benitez, Aziz S. Inan, Christian Miles, Peter E. Perkins, PE, and Joshua Thompson
The ubiquitous increase in the use of mains power switching devices has been paralleled by the increase in nuisance tripping of GFCIs and other protection devices. Nuisance tripping can be identified to contain such high frequency signals and these must be properly taken into account when designing proper GFCI operation in this environment.

Everything You Need to Know About EV Battery and BMS Testing in Validation and Production Scenarios

By Brent Hoerman and Jesse Batsche
EV batteries and battery packs are complex systems, requiring a comprehensive design and testing strategy to help ensure safe and efficient electrical power.

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