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The February issue of In Compliance concentrates on Automotive Compliance.

EMC Design Techniques for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Modules
State-of-the-Art EMC Designs to Consider Before Your Next Module Project
By Dr. Min Zhang
This article presents the EMC design techniques for electric vehicle powertrain modules. High voltage EMC regulations for powertrain modules are reviewed first to help understand associated design challenges. The design techniques are then demonstrated in detail to help engineers design a module that will pass the EMC requirements in the test chamber.

Applying ISO 26262 to Power Management in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
By Christopher Semanson
Are you a new safety manager shopping power converters and wondering about the features listed under the functional safety section? Or are you a seasoned design and release engineer looking to start on a new ISO 26262 module? Either way, this article offers guidance in applying functional safety concepts to your next automotive design.

Location of Safety Warnings

On the Product or in the Manual?
By Kenneth Ross
This article discusses the legal and practical issues around the duty to warn and instruct and where to place safety information on the product and/or in the manual.

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