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The December 2023 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Measurement Uncertainties in Outdoor Far-Field Antenna Ranges
By Dr. Edwin Barry, Pieter Betjes, and Eric Kim
Consolidated methodologies have long been established to assess measurement uncertainties in both near-field and compact-range antenna measurements. However, there is currently no analogous methodology for outdoor far-field measurement facilities. This article presents a framework for assessing the measurement uncertainties on an outdoor far‑field elevated range.

IT Server Hardware Compliance, Part 1

By John Werner, Rebecca Morones, and Arkadiy Tsfasman
This two-part article provides a detailed overview of hardware compliance issues applicable to mainframe and server computers and their subcomponents.

ESD Designers’ Headache with Multiple Automotive Test Requirements, Part 2

By Gianluca Boselli and Hans Kunz
The trend of progressively migrating both ESD and EMC immunity from the system/board to the component level is creating unprecedented challenges for the component ESD designer. Implications of EMC-ESD immunity co-design will be reviewed along with several case studies.

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