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The December 2022 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Testing and Measurement.

Troubleshooting EMI Issues Caused by Structural Resonances
By Dr. Min Zhang
Most EMI issues are caused by a resonance that is excited somewhere in the system. It may be a resonance of a cable acting as an antenna or a heatsink energized by the power electronics switches bolted to it, becoming a good radiator. In this article, we look at the indicators that signal the presence of structural resonances and provide techniques for fixing the EMI issues. Practical case studies are presented to demonstrate the techniques.

High Voltage ESD Protection for Automotive Ethernet Applications

By Andreas Hardock
Ethernet solutions have been popular in industrial and computing applications for several decades but were not widely adopted in the automotive area. Automotive ethernet enables fast and robust data communication, with high flexibility in bus topologies for multiple electronic control units (ECUs).

Calibrating Smart Batteries with Impedance Tracking

By Isidor Buchmann
When Gaston Planté invented the rechargeable battery in 1859, a new system of stored energy emerged. The digital world has been intruding to make the electrochemical battery smart by adding a see-through window to remove its opaqueness and reveal state-of-function.

China’s Latest Regulation on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Equipment

By Grace Lin
This article addresses China’s latest requirements, including technical details, for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz equipment.

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