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The August 2023 issue of In Compliance concentrates on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Pre-Compliance EMI Testing
By Paul Denisowski
Pre-compliance testing saves time and costs by detecting potential problems early in the design process. The use of appropriate tools and techniques improves the chances of passing the full compliance test on the first try.

(Re)Discovering the Lost Science of Near-Field Measurements, Part 2

By Ken Javor
This article is the third in a series commemorating 70 years since the advent of modern EMI testing. But this last article is itself divided into multiple parts, due to the topic’s complexity. Unlike the previous two articles, which mainly tracked evolution and explained issues, this series of installments argues that we started off correctly seventy years ago, but then took the wrong fork in the road in 1967..

Clock Duty Cycle Tuning for Desense Mitigation in Modulation‑Involved Cases

By Shengxuan Xia, Jun Fan, and Chulsoon Hwang
This paper provides a comprehensive study on how to mitigate desense with the change in the spectrum distribution by tuning the duty cycle of the interfering clock. Measurements conducted on a real cellphone showed a 10 dB suppression of desense for certain TX bandwidth condition.

The Legal Perils of Customer Service

By Kenneth Ross
Customer service, before and after sale, is one of the most important functions that must be performed by a manufacturer or product seller. It is also one of the riskiest. Obtaining no information, inadequate information, wrong information, misleading information, or harmful information can make it difficult to evaluate future risk, meet your regulatory obligations, and defend a product liability lawsuit..


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