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The August issue of In Compliance concentrates on Power & Energy.

Batteries Gone Wrong Assessment, Mitigation, and Expectations
By John C. Copeland and Russ Gyenes
Modern lithium batteries require a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and mitigation during product development, and a swift and systematic response when safety concerns arise in the field.

Electrical Fire Patterns in Vegetation
By Louis F. Bilancia
The formation of branching patterns is commonly associated with electrical discharges. Lightning and electrostatic discharges from a Van de Graaff generator are transient luminous branching patterns, and sometimes the passing of an electrical current leaves residual physical patterns. Examples of how such patterns are formed are presented.

The Effect of Standards on Safety and Product Liability Litigation

By Kenneth Ross
This article will discuss the basic kinds of defects that can be alleged in any product liability case, the law as it pertains to compliance with standards, and some tips on how to deal with the issue of standards compliance.

RF Tech Tip: BNC Versus Threaded Connectors
By Ken Javor
The shielding performance of bayonet vs. threaded connectors is measured and some possibly surprising conclusions are drawn. Bayonet connectors – more useful than you might think..

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