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The May issue of In Compliance concentrates on Communications.

The Risks of Optional Safety
Is Mandatory Safety Better?
By Kenneth Ross
This article discusses the legal and practical issues around the duty to design a safe product and how to decide whether various safety features that aren’t always necessary must be sold as standard features or whether they can be sold separately as options.

Cellular Approvals and RCM Certification in Australia
By Shaun Reid
Compliance requirements for cellular devices that connect to the mobile phone networks in Australia are similar to those in other countries but with some important differences. In this article, we detail the unique aspects of ACMA technical regulations.

Controlling Static Electricity

A 50-Year History
By David E. Swenson, John Kinnear, and the ESDA
Our knowledge of ESD and how to control it has grown significantly over the past 50 years. This article maps the history of that journey.

Contact Burn Injuries

The Influence of Object Thermal Mass
by May Yen, Francesco Colella, Harri Kytomaa, Boyd Allin, and Alex Ockfen
This article identifies the burn injury threshold conditions associated with finite thermal mass objects and presents a model for predicting the degree of burn injury.

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